Fire Warden/Marshall Training Course for a Waking Watch

A course designed specifically for those who have been, or will be appointed to carry out the duties of a Fire Warden or Fire Marshall on a waking watch.

The course includes the theory of combustion, causes of fire and the correct way to tackle a fire using the fire extinguishers available. The Fire Warden/Marshall Waking Watch Course is approximately 2 hours long, for up to 12 members of staff and will be conducted at your location to minimise disruption to your staff/volunteers.

Fire Warden/Marshall Training Course for a Waking Watch Syllabus

  • Fire legislation
  • DVD; On Fire Wardens duties
  • The basic chemistry of fire and its differing classes
  • Fire prevention
  • Roll of the waking watch Marshall
  • Raising the Alarm
  • Fire fighting procedures
  • Causes of fires
  • Escape and evacuation
  • Assembly point and fire drills
  • Fire alarms
  • Fire hazards
  • Human Behaviour in a Fire
  • Risk assessment awareness
  • The Duties and Responsibilities of a Fire Warden/Marshall on a waking watch
  • Extinguisher recognition and use (theory and practical)

The Qualification

This qualification gives the participants knowledge and understanding of when it is safe to tackle fires using extinguishers. Learn the properties of a variety of different types of fires and the correct extinguisher to use to help minimise damage and potential injury. Understand how to comply with legislation and gain a better overall understanding of fire safety practices. The Fire Warden/Marshal qualification is designed to provide the foundation for learners to operate safely in the role on the waking watch with regards to fire safety. It is aimed at staff/volunteers who have recently been appointed.

Each delegate who completes the course successfully will receive a certificate.